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[S3E2] The Recruit 2021

Tenzin, Jinora, Bumi, and Team Avatar travel toward Ba Sing Se in order to find the new airbenders. Stopping at various villages along the way, they hope to recruit them in order to rebuild the Air Nation, though with little success as they were only able to convince a young boy named Kai to join them. Meanwhile, Zaheer travels the four nations to free his fellow criminals from their prisons. After freeing Ghazan and Ming-Hua, they set course for the Northern Water Tribe to free their last member, P'Li. Upon learning of their escape, Lord Zuko sets course for the Northern Water Tribe himself in an attempt to stop them.

[S3E2] The Recruit

  • All Animals Are Dogs: Getting to ride an airship for once instead of flying on his own power, Oogi joins Naga in facing into the wind with his tongue out.

  • Bad "Bad Acting": Mako is even worse than Sokka. Bonus points for them both playing a part when doing so.

  • Basement-Dweller: One of the new airbenders, who has absolutely no ambition to move beyond it, and even tries to convince Korra she didn't have to do her duty as the Avatar.

  • The Bus Came Back: Zuko! With his own dragon!

  • Cool Air Ship: Future Industries proves to be going strong after nearly folding last season when Asami shows up in what is essentially a luxury airship yacht.

  • Didn't Think This Through: The gang decides to go recruit the new airbenders. It failed to occur to them that said airbenders might have lives of their own they don't want to abandon. Tenzin's sales pitch also needs work.

  • Dressing as the Enemy: Zaheer dresses as a White Lotus guard so he can get close to the floating prison.

  • Expy: The Basement-Dweller's personality is obviously based on Napoleon Dynamite, he's even voiced by Jon Heder. His looks on the other hand, are based on the show's artistic director.

  • Eye Am Watching You: Mako to Kai after the latter's story is exposed.

  • The Farmer and the Viper: Kai's backstory according to the sheriff. He was an orphan all his life until a family adopted him six months before the events of this episode. He then ran away from home taking the couple's life savings with him.

  • Handicapped Badass: Ming-Hua is armless... but certainly not harmless.

  • Hey, Let's Put on a Show: When both Tenzin and Korra failed in their efforts, Bolin decides to try this to attract attention. It works, even if their only applicant is a orphan criminal trying to ditch the cops.

  • Idiot Ball: Tenzin gets so caught up in the dream of restoring the Air Nomads, that he completely overlooks the desires of everyone who has inadvertently become an airbender. Who cares if you have a family? Come join us and get tattoos!

  • Luminescent Blush: Jinora blushes as she talks to Kai.

  • Magma Man: Ghazan is able to turn rocks into magma, the first non-Avatar bender shown to be able to do so.

  • Mundane Utility: We see again that waterbending can be used to both clean and dry clothing instantly, when Kya has to clean up some vomit.

  • Shirtless Scene: Tenzin shows off his wiry Bruce Lee-esque physique and his master's tattoos during Bolin's airbender show.

  • Street Urchin: Kai portrays himself as such at first but in truth he is the The Artful Dodger as the authorities can attest. Mako also doesn't buy Kai's new start for a second.

  • Strong Family Resemblance: Minus his trademark scar, Zuko has become the spitting image of his great-grandfather, Avatar Roku.

  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: Tenzin and Korra expected that the new airbenders around the world would automatically want to come and help them rebuild the air nomad culture, but pretty much all of the benders they find aren't interested in leaving behind their entire lives and trying to repopulate a long-dead nation that they barely know about.

  • Tailor-Made Prison: Each of the prisoners has a prison constructed to counteract their bending power.

  • Terrible Interviewees Montage: More like a Terrible Interviewers Montage, as Tenzin's sales pitch fails each and every time.

  • This Cannot Be!: Zuko says this when he learns that Zaheer has become an airbender.

  • Travel Montage: The Krew's trip across the Earth Kingdom is represented by a cartoonish version of their airship with their heads floating above. Their faces get progressively more depressed as each interview goes terribly.

  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Kai's story of being a recently made an orphan on the run from his parents' murderers proves to be false not five minutes later, as the police he's running from show up and he tries to run as Korra fights them.

College Gym News was founded in 2015 by Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Grimsley. Since then, the site has transformed into a one-stop-shop for college gymnastics news, from recruiting analysis to meet coverage at the NCAA national championships thanks to the hard work of 15-plus contributors.

With that, the boys were off to discern what has caused this grenadier, Private Stephen Bainbridge, to acquire a stalker. While waiting for Bainbridge to get off duty, Sherlock questioned John about Major Sholto. John told him of how Major Sholto took a group of new recruits on a mission that backfired and they all died but him. Thus the press and the families of the fallen soldiers turned on Sholto and he gets more death threats than Sherlock (allegedly).

Father President MacPhail recruits a new second in command, Father Gomez, to lead the search for Lyra. Father Gomez shares the same understanding of how best to motivate people, and MacPhail points him like a loaded gun towards Fra Pavel. Sure enough, with a new clarity of mind, the elderly alethiometrist finds their quarry and Gomez sets off with a few zeppelins full of Magisterium troops to capture the girl.

So this race and these tensions build until 1811 when violence finally breaks out. William Henry Harrison mounts an attack on Prophetstown with a thousand men in late October. And at that moment, Tecumseh happens to be hundreds of miles away recruiting allies in the South. Tenskwatawa hesitantly engaged in a battle for which he was not prepared. The Americans suffered roughly 10% casualties at the Battle of Tippecanoe, but they managed to repel wave after wave of assaults. And as the darkness turns into daylight, they realized that Tenskwatawa's forces were much smaller than their attacks made them seem. They're also nearly out of ammunition. So the Native fighters retreated back to Prophetstown, gathered what they could carry and evacuated, allowing Harrison to take Prophetstown and claim victory.

Was anyone shocked by the monster's revelation? I was! I didn't expect him to be involved in something that happened to Mary two seasons ago. Though, the character, just like Alden's new recruit, is still a bit flat. The twists help to flesh out the characters, but they need a bit more development before their appearances or loss really matter.

Maeve awakes in a white dress in bed. She meets Serac, played by Vincent Cassel, in the real world. He wants to recruit Maeve to kill Dolores. I always feel that if Dolores is the brain of the show, then Maeve is Westworld's heart. And it's intense when one is pitted at the other. Maeve doesn't like this idea and goes to stab Serac who is able to freeze her mid-action with a remote control.

Mike finds Louis in the library, who has been researching eminent domain cases since they returned. Several hours later, Mike is still researching for the case, as Rachel tells him it is possible that Louis is attempting to recruit him to become his new associate. As Mike expresses disbelief, Louis enters with a trolley of lavish food items, prompting Rachel to smile as it confirms her suspicions. Mike asks Louis how he managed to obtain all this food in the middle of the night, as Louis tells him that he is the firm's quartermaster and has the means to do so. Mike tells Louis of an idea he had from Money Ball that could be used in the case, although he fears it is outside the scope of the case. Louis is confident that Mike's idea can be used however, as long as they can trick the opposing counsel to bring it into the scope first. The next day they attempt to do so, but is still unable to overrule the judge's ruling. Undaunted, Louis tells Mike that this is not the time to be sorry, and takes Mike to his mudding treatment. Although uncomfortable, Mike obliges and is forced to enter his own tub of mud nude as Louis pointed out wearing his undergarments into the mud would mean not having them later. After settling into his tub, Mike asks Louis why he did not simply ask him to become his associate if he wanted him to. Louis replies that he is aware of how others see him, and wanted to remind him of the good that comes with working with him. Mike assures him that he remembers the good times he had with Louis, but unfortunately also the bad times, particularly when Louis fired someone in front of him on his first day just to scare him. Louis reassures Mike that since then, Mike has helped him change and want to become a better person. Their conversation inspires Mike of an idea on how to win the case, prompting Louis to stand up abruptly from his tub of mud while nude, as he refuses to "mix mudding with pleasure". They call for a meeting before the judge to point out that after a revised valuation, the restaurant is worth potentially 100 million dollars. The opposing counsel argues that this value cannot be guaranteed, but Louis points out that the opposing counsel's argument relies on a similar hypothetical, as the judge decides to give a ruling the next day. The following night, Louis goes to Mike's apartment to tell him the judge ruled in their favor, and tells Mike the difference between him and Harvey is that Harvey is only a lawyer as he likes to win, while Louis himself loves the law. Mike tells him he loves the law himself, but also loves wining, prompting Louis say he believes that Mike is half Harvey and also half like Louis, now that he has spent time as Harvey's associate it could now be time for Mike to see what it is like to be Louis' associate. 041b061a72


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